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ZAC provides variety of quality Dates from various parts of the world.

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ZAC is  a main distributor for SHARJAH DATES which has served consumers since 1996 by providing finest quality of dates around the world.

With a rich experience in this field and excellent resources that include expert technical as well as skilled laborers and professionals, we have been able to serve with the most advanced specifications and health standards. This makes our products widely appreciated and trusted by our customers.

Our factory mainly deals with exporting good quality dates to various countries like African countries, European countries, USA,  Russia, Asia and Middle East. We offer more than 25 varieties of dates including Emarati, Saudi, Jordanian, Algerian and from other origins  dates of various packaging styles and methods and special products like Dates paste.

ZAC also provides variety of quality Dates from various parts of the world and supplies anywhere in the world complying with all the international standards in order to serve the customers best quality dates.


KHALAS, “تمر الخلاص” in Arabic, is a light brown soft delicious variety of the fruit dates, which is grown mainly in the eastern region of United Arab Emirates. Khalas dates are recognized as one of the finest varieties of palms products that have the advantage of pleasant taste and shiny appearance that sustain the good flavor when stored for a long time.

Higher than other types of dates, Khalas contains Calcium a, which helps in building bones, It is also rich of Magnesium which is protective from cancer. Moreover, Khalas has a good effect on the disposal of toxic waste which is produced from the metabolism of food into the body. Khalas is considered as a source of energy because it contains a high concentration of simple sugars (Glucose and Fructose), an excellent food because it contains plant proteins that simple and easy to digest, and because it contains many vegetable oils as well. Khalas helps to prevent many diseases because it contains many vitamins, such as: B1, B2, C … etc.
Khalas is very useful in cases of anemia because it contains a good percentage of iron, feeds nerve cells, and increase sexual activity. Because Khalas date contains antibiotics and anti-rheumatism, it prevents infections.

ZAC is ready to supply any requirements of dates for the upcoming season of Ramadan 2015, which will start in 18th of June this year. Beside the loose dates in 10 kg, we have different selection of packs and unit’s weights. Our planet has just started the first batch of packing in March, we are ready to serve your order.





please contact sales@zac.ae or sales@sharjahdates.com for further inquires and questions.